Getting Prepared For Your Trip

Preparing for your Alaskan Fishing Trip at Kvichak Lodge is very simple and this list is a suggestion of things you should bring to enjoy your stay in Alaska and at the Kvichak Lodge.  *Are essential, the rest is up to you. Do not over pack. You bring your high spirits and enthusiasm and we will provide the rest.

What to Bring
· Airline Tickets and Itinerary · Wallet
· Travelers Checks, Cash and credit Cards
· Copy of Traveler Check Numbers
· Toiletries
· Prescription Medications
· Emergency Telephone Numbers
· Polarized Sunglasses
· Extra Pair of Sunglasses
· Reading Glasses
· Dress in layers:
· Light Pile or Fleece Pants
· Fishing Hat or Stocking Cap
· Fleece or Pile Jacket/Pullover
· Long-sleeved Shirts
· Short-sleeved Shirts
· Good Rain Gear
· Light Socks
· Heavy Socks
· Fishing Gloves
· Camera, Chargers
· Sun Screen SPF 25+ (Very Important!)
· Lip Balm and Hand Lotion

· Fly Rods, Travel Rods
· Fly Reels
· Spare Spools, Spare Lines
· Leaders
· Tippet
· Fly Boxes
· Dry Flies
· Streamers
· Nymphs
· Floatant
· Clippers, Pliers
· Fishing Vest/Tackle Pack
· Day Pack
· Reel Lubricant
· Hook File
· Knot Tool
· Hemostats
· Split Shot
· Waders
· Wading Belt
· Wading Boots (no studs) & Gravel Guards

Any Questions

Call Mike McDowell, He would love to hear from you

(907) 230-6370