“He first heard of the Kvichak River when he was stationed on Kodiak Island during World War II. Natives of Alaska told him repeatedly, “There’s one fine river north of here on the mainland. The Kvichak, running out of Iliamna Lake.”…

"It was one of the best fishing experiences Easton (Michener’s friend) would encounter, a delightful change from the British tradition of either New Zealand or Scotland. The Kvichak was a rough, bitterly cold, turbulent river flowing out of a lake fed by glaciers, and the peoples who frequented it were as rough as the river."…

"They fished for forty-pound salmon and eighteen-pound trout, and they saw moose along the banks of the river, and wild fox and the stories were salty and the card games endless. It’s a primitive land,” Forbes Easton told his Boston friends. “It’s really like nothing else left on earth. And I want to go back."

                                                                                                               Sports In America, 1972


Author James Michener

Pulitzer Prize and Presidential Medal of Freedom Honoree


Mike, this was the trip of a Lifetime. This is absolutely the Greatest Outdoor Channel Show I’ve done. I’m proud to call you a friend.

                    - Randy Jones, 1976 National League Cy Young Winner, Escondido, California

Best lodge in Alaska and I’ve been to most of them.

                   - Ken Frecher, Las Vegas, Nevada

10th or 11th Year, Great Food and Fish!

                 - Dennis Rose, Fort Worth, Texas

6 years in a row and counting, what a great place!

                  - Jon Riggins, Super bowl MVP and NFL Hall of Famer, New York, New York

We had a wonderful time. This is such a terrific place. The food was exquisite, the guides know their stuff and Alaska has so much to offer. The bears today were much better than the discovery channel! Thank you so much.

                   - Carly and B.E. Davis, Fort Worth, Texas

Thanks for the Great Time, and Jacobs “Grand Slam” flight lesson, and Black Jack Lessons!

                   - Marty and Jacob Davich, Pasadena, California

Bears and More Bears!

                   - David Smith, New York, New York

Great food, Great fishing, Great sights, Have to be back for all of the above!

                   - Carole and Chuck Carvel

Your staff and your guides make the difference. Thanks for making my return trip even better than my first. What an Experience! Exceeds and expectations I may have had. I can now say I have truly experienced Alaska at its Best!

                  - Brad Reid, Richardson, Texas

Truly a “top shelf” experience here at Kvichak Lodge! The fishing, flying, hunting, eating, drinking, card playing, and entertainment was great! I need to go back to work to get some rest!

               - Daniel Dobric, Dallas Texas

For the fourth time! You took good care of me. Thanks!

              - Thurston Koonce, Mineral Wells, Texas

2 Days ago we caught 25 kings! Today we caught 31 king salmon, 31-inch trout, Great fun, fantastic fishing.

             - Marshall Ininns, Laguna Beach, California

Mike, another great week on the Kvichak! 118 reds and 6 grayling. I saw more bears on the river than ever before. This is my 10th trip in 15 years. Thanks again for your hospitality, great food, and especially for helping Elise!

            - Frank McGee, Clemson, South Carolina

Mary Margaret and Mike Horseshoe champs! Martin 45lb king, water skiing. Great to be here for the 2nd time, looking forward to the next.

              - Marty, Mary Margaret, and Martin Richter, Fort Worth, Texas

What a Great time! Fabulous Food and good company. I'll be back. Thanks for a fantastic experience! Behind marrying my wife and the birth of my 2 kids, I had the best day of my life. The big river is a life changing experience. Thanks!

            - Scott Sewese, Dallas, Texas

What an unbelievable time! The second trip was better than the first. I highly recommend the coast for silvers… but you would be missing the chance for a 15-pound bow!

          - Tony Vincent, Plano, Texas

Unforgettable time, What day is it?

          - Fergus Connon, Dublin, Ireland

A fabulous holiday with our very best friends, Delighted to see such beautiful wilderness still exists! Highlights…. Fly fishing! King salmon and the bears, the bears, the bears!! Thanks for the memories of a lifetime.

         - Renie and David Gorsuch, Vail, Colorado

It is going back on our bucket list. Right to the top!

           - Ron Bottema and Don Davisson, Hillsboro, Oregon